This absolutely stunning 100% Baby Alpaca scarf is the perfect accessory for your work outfit, night on the town, winter coat and even jeans. The magnitude of colors makes this scarf ideal for any outfit in your closet.  No matter if you choose the yellow or orange you will be noticed every time you walk into the room.  Be ready to be asked "where you got that beautiful scarf". Measures 12 X 63 ½ with a three inch fringe (approximately).

Baby Alpaca, an exceptionally fine, incredible soft, lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic fiber which comes from the back of the adult alpaca, the only part that does not get contaminated by dirt (grass, soil…). Alpaca are gently shorn by hand and only once a year during the warmer season. Baby alpaca does not come from new born, baby alpaca is just a kind of grading of how fine the fiber is (21.5micron).

Baby Alpaca is up to seven times warmer than the common sheep’s wool because the single fiber works as a thermal insulation. This wool is cozy but also breathable for warmer weather thanks to the air pockets that are only found in alpaca fibers.

In addition, it is far more elastic, softer and longer lasting than other materials. Baby Alpaca is naturally free of lanolin and other oils found in sheep’s wool, so it’s not itchy and it is far less likely to pill. It is a natural fiber that looks and feels luxurious.In fact, the Incas valued this fiber more than gold, and only the emperor could wear it (not a surprise if you have felt it!)This fiber comes in range of more than twenty naturally gorgeous colors, from inky black to warm chestnuts and snowy white.

What’s more, it is also good for the planet while other luxurious materials, such as cashmere, are becoming environmentally catastrophic.With one alpaca you can make up to five sweaters, while it takes four goats to produce sufficient cashmere for a single sweater.
It’s the cohesion of all the other fibers: the softness of cashmere, the shininess of mohair, the sickness of angora and the strength of merino wool.

Stunning Multi-Color 100% Baby Alpaca Scarves

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