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"I love my soup bowl heating pads!"  Jared

"Wonderful products!!! The homemade lotion is amazing! I had an issue with dry cracked heals and this amazing stuff cleared it right up!! Thank you!!"  Jenn


"I stopped at their booth at the craft show in the East Town Mall and decided to buy their lavender spray. I am pretty nuts about lavender, and the spray is divine. I've had other sprays like it but the smell didn't last. This one does. I spray a little here and there on my pillow and sheets and the scent lasts quite a while.
I believe Jessica was the one holding down the fort. She was so kind and informative. She even thew in one of their lip balms for free with my purchase. And the lip balm rocks just like the spray does. Love it and it feels great on my lips. That was so kind of her. She mentioned that they were hoping to get their own store-front soon-- I really hope so! They clearly have quality products and amazing customer service. I definitely plan on buying more products from them in the future."    Kissandra

"I use the slipper socks for Pilates class. They grip nicely and keep my feet warm. They are of course very soft."  Diane

"Love my socks! I wear them with my bean boots, and they keep my feet so warm! Usually I have to wear two pairs, but not with these! Great products."    Mary

"My kid's teachers were so happy to receive their Christmas presents this year. They were hoping they were going to be the aromatherapy from So-Fair Field Farms like last year."   JB

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